MY Film Studio

MY Film Studio

The followng videos were created during the MY(Meaford Youth) Film Studio summer camp.
The students spent a week learning the ins and outs of creating a film from start to finish.

Season one took place in late summer of 2009. The students were thrown into the deep end where they were taught the principles of scriptwriting, storyboarding, location scouting, lighting, sound, filming, and finally, editing.
With an idea in their head and a camera in their hands they set forth to make the summers blockbuster hits.
Scouting ideal locations, learning the difficulties the weather brings, hiring actors, scheduling shoots, finding props…. the list goes on.

The following pages take you through the last two years of the camp. The 2 feature films from last year and the 2 behind the scenes videos will show you what the camp is all about and what you can do with a littl imagination.

Click here to check out the SEASON ONE videos.


Click here to check out the SEASON TWO videos.

A very special thanks to the sponsors of MY Film Studio and to everyone else involved.

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